“The true journey of discovery is not a search for new landscapes, but observation with new eyes.”
(Marcel Proust)

Nothing is what it seems and nothing seems what it is. Look in a trash can and you will see discarded milk cartons, boxes and tins. Look again with half closed eyes and you will see shapes, colors and textures.

Our brains record what our eyes see and immediately give a function to a shape. What if everything is taken out of its familiar context and you are challenged to create a new truth? Do you tap into the creative part of your brain to take on that challenge?

What is realism and what is abstract art and where does the dividing line lie? If you look at nature, that border soon fades. What your eye sees is also strongly influenced by smells and sounds and other sensory perceptions. This creates a subjective truth with different people who look at the same thing.

How do you represent what you see and feel and what is the medium with which you can best do this? Which material best expresses the atmosphere and expression needed to convey this?

What fascinates me immensely is the interaction between creating a certain expression and the material / medium that you use for this. A certain texture can get a different look in a new setting. By looking and learning to look differently, you give a new function and expression to materials that are stuck to a function that we know about.

For example, in my latest collection “Fishy Business Recycled” I used the inner tubes of bicycles. The idea that these rubber tires are thrown away, every time a small hole caused a puncture, was very disappointing. A tire is apparently no longer stuck.

In my hands I felt the smooth, smooth and sliding rubber of the inner tube and before my eyes the image of a skin of fish swimming over and under each other and the different shades of water of the water. The rubber has acquired a different function and expression by looking at it with different eyes.

Another example of this is the use of bubble plastic, used in relocations to pack valuables. With a new look and in combination with acrylic paint it can also be seen as the shine on the water and the foam on the sea. Fantasy knows no limits!

This technique is also known as mixed media. I combine acrylic and / or oil paint with a texture / material that, brought together on canvas, shows the right atmosphere and expression.